About the Book

Serial Racing is participating in road races or endurance events almost every week; traveling around the country for events; using events for training runs or rides for longer distance events; meeting old and new friends along the way; and enjoying every moment of it.

If you love road races, triathlons, or obstacle course events, participate in a 5K or half marathon every month, and have closets loaded with race shirts, I bet you're a serial racer too!

If your goal is to do as many races as you can plan for, to complete a half or full marathon in all 50 states, or to save money on endurance sports, then this book is for you.  You will make back the cost of this book by following just a handful of tips!

How many races have I done? Oh... a couple.

After twice completing the Half Fanatics "10 Moons/the Sun" challenge of 52 half marathons in 365 days, I put together my guide on how to plan and afford the racing schedule that you want.  (I did this challenge again in 2016). 

My book shares my tips, tricks and scheduling efforts that I use to help you participate in as many events as you want, while saving money along the way through my planning and cost-saving ideas.I've had many readers thank me for putting these tips in an organized, easy-to-read format, with something for everyone.  If you want to do a race in all 50 states, achieve a "bucket list" of races, or just do as many events as you can, this book will help!

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