My Half Marathon Pace Group Leader Joke Collection

I've had the privilege of being a half marathon pace group leader for over 30 half marathons.  It's been a joy to lead groups to their finish time and encourage and support athletes along the way.  For me, a big part of being a pace group leader was keeping people entertained, engaged, or distracted from the distance left to go.  

Over the years I developed a personal "joke script" of jokes that I could tell at road races.  These jokes are pretty general, suitable for most audiences, and are generally "safe for the workplace."

Here are my pace group leader jokes by category: 

Star Wars Jokes

Disney Jokes

Cross The Road Jokes

Sports Jokes

Bad Jokes and Groaners

Medical, Doctor, Dentist, Nurse Jokes

Longer Story Jokes

Walks Into a Bar Jokes

One Liners/Witty Humor Jokes


These jokes are considered "public domain," meaning there are no known copyrights or issues of using someone else's work without their permission.  I hope they can bring you some laughter during these strange times.