I loved being a half marathon pace group leader and helping athletes of all paces and abilities make it to the finish line.  It was so rewarding to help people through their first half marathon, help them crush their personal best time, or provide encouragement on a rough race day.  I got to pace with the best of the best, serving as a pacer for Beast Pacing and for great race organizers like Rhode Races and Events, the Hartford Marathon Foundation events, the Flying Pig Half Marathon, the Hogsback Half Marathon, and others. 

One of my favorite parts of racing was telling jokes. Jokes were a great way to ease the start line / first mile tensions; help people laugh on a tough uphill; and help people be distracted through those last miles to the finish line.

A note about these jokes: These jokes are considered "public domain."  I've been careful to make sure I do not violate anyone's copyright or creative work, or original material. If I have done this in error, please let me know. 

With everything going on in the world right now and with most races being essentially canceled, I figured we could all use some laughs. Enjoy!

Here are my pace group leader jokes by category: 

Star Wars Jokes

Disney Jokes

Cross The Road Jokes

Sports Jokes

Bad Jokes and Groaners

Medical, Doctor, Dentist, Nurse Jokes

Longer Story Jokes

Walks Into a Bar Jokes

One Liners/Witty Humor Jokes